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Develop Your Mental Skills to Bridge the Gap between Performance and Potential

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Mental Skills with a Purpose

When athletes are looking for ways to enhance their performance, they will look for ways to bridge the gap between their current performance level and their potential.  When you work with Couture Peak Performance, you will learn mental skills to bridge that gap, compete at a high level consistently, and continue to improve.  Scientifically-based, practical methods will help each athlete prepare in a quality manner, follow-through during competition, and accurately evaluate performances.

Dave Turgeon (former professional player in US, Mexico, and Asia, former manager within Cleveland and Pittsburgh systems, former College coach at Boston College, Duke, UConn, and VaTech, current Head Coach for USA Baseball and IMG Academy) "If you told me that baseball is 1 percent MENTAL and 99 percent PHYSICAL, I would tell you that 1 percent controls the 99 percent. I also know that the mental side is a muscle that requires practice in order to build it stronger.  Players that have the ability to move onto the next pitch or play and be present will always perform with consistency."

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John Couture has been assisting elite athletes achieve their potential for over 25 years.  He has successfully helped athletes in MLB, NBA, NFL, Olympics, MLS, NCAA, as well as, student-athletes in high school and middle school.  Athletes from all sports have the ability to work with John Couture to improve their preparation, competitive performance, and their overall satisfaction of their athletic career.

John Couture is a graduate of Amherst College (BA Psychology) and Towson University (MA Psychology, Coaching).  He is certified from the American Board of Sport Psychology.  John also has a CMPC from the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.  Other certifications have been earned from the International Olympic Committee and Driveline Baseball.  Currently, clients come from all over the country, via IMG Academy, NCSA, and DCAT.

Visit John and the rest of the expert staff at Garage Total Sports Training in Houston.

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See What My Clients Are Saying

As a minor league player, John helped me tremendously on and off the field.  His knowledge and insight was a huge factor to my success in professional baseball.  He really helped me become a complete player."

Kevin Dixon 

Professional baseball player

Over my 25+ years working in Baseball Operations for 3 MLB teams, an athlete's mental skills have been a separator that helps players reach their true potential.  John Couture is an outstanding, science-based mental skills coach that has helped amateur, professional, and MLB athletes over his long career.  John's ability to utilize his experience, customize a program to help an athlete while taking very complex science and making it digestible for athletes of all backgrounds helps him make an impact."

Neal Huntington

Former GM of Pittsburgh Pirates

Neal Huntington
Pittsburgh Pirates GM

I have consulted with John over the past 20+ years.  He is honest, knowledgeable, and efficient.  Mental skills are the separator in sports at the high levels."

Dave Turgeon
Head Coach USA Baseball and IMG Academy


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