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How Can Athletes Develop Their Resilience

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

To be a successful athlete, there is no more important mental skill to have other than mental discipline to overcome a setback and stay focused on the process of competing. Here are some actions for athletes to complete that will help them with their resiliency.

  • Start seeing resilience as something they can develop and improve.

    • Work on developing coping strategies (ie. actions after an error, loss or when you get taken out of a game).

    • Build a list of “resilient” qualities.

  • Only think about and work on things within your control.

    • Your athletic skills

    • Your mental skills

    • Your daily schedule- (fuel, sleep, etc)

  • Challenge yourself- enough to see if you will fail.

    • Get outside of your comfort zone.

      • Things that are difficult.

      • Things that you have never done.

  • Anticipate what is next.

    • Next play, next game, next week

  • Build positive relationships.

    • Teammates and coaches.

    • A support group off the field, outside of your sport.

  • Have a routine that allows you to learn about mistakes.

    • Reflect on what has helped you overcome setbacks in the past

    • No judgments.

    • Growth mindset.

Praising athletes on talent encourages a fixed mindset while praising people on effort encourages a growth mindset.

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